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SKX007 Bezel Insert: Black | Flat


Design & Material

38mm × 31.5mm ceramic bezel insert with a 3M adhesive ring for installation.

*no lume pip

Color & Style

Black With White Numbers SKX007 Style


Compatible with SKX007, SKX009, SKX011, SKX171, SKX173 and SKX175.

Also compatible with new SRPD Collection.

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Watch-Modz Black Flat Ceramic Bezel Insert is finally here, and sure to impress! Our quality, fitment, and finish will be sure to surpass expectations. We have a commitment to quality here, and our Flat Ceramic Bezel Inserts are of no exception! Every piece is meticulously inspected before shipment, to ensure every customer leaves happy.

A bezel insert plays a vital role on our beloved diver mods. Other than aesthetics it is also used as a timing instrument. You align the 12 marker to your minute hand and this allows for an easier reading of elapsed time of under one hour. They use this to compute the length of a dive ( or a lunch break). Although most of us wearing a dive watch do not actually dive any more, or ever, this feature can still be very handy. However, since our watches are seen on us all the time, it is important to choose an insert you love to look at. Our Black Flat Ceramic Bezel Insert might be just the one for you!

Since these are flat inserts they must be used in conjunction with Flat or Top-hat style crystals.

Match this insert with any of our wide variety of Bezels found HERE.

Watch-Modz is committed to delivering quality watch parts at convenient speeds, to bring back the joy to our passion of building watches. We bring variety to your doorstep with lighting fast shipping speeds. We believe we are building dreams piece by piece.

This product is compatible with watch models SKX007 and SRPD.

Learn more about the iconic discontinued Seiko SKX007

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