If a 7S26 Seiko movement dies or stops keeping accurate time, there’s a better option than paying 100’s of dollars to have it serviced. For example, why not just upgrade your watch to a whole new level? With our SII NH3X family of movements, you can do just that! We have everything you need to improve that outdated 7S26! Including: NH35, NH36, NH38, and even the sought after NH70!

What’s the difference between my 4R36 and a new NH36?

If you want the short answer to this question, its just a logo. The Seiko 4R36 is just an NH36 with the Seiko brand on the oscillating weight (or rotor as its commonly called). The NH36 is made by Seiko for 3rd party sales and watches. The NH36 holds the SII brand ( SII stands for Seiko Instruments Inc. which is a subsidiary of Seiko Holdings). Now if you’re new to modding, I am sure you’ve heard NH35 and NH36 and thought, “Which is better?”. The answer? They are the same minus a day wheel. Neither is better than the other, as they are virtually the same movement. The NH35 being date only, and the NH36 being day & date.  Which Seiko movements you use depends solely on the dial you wish to use.

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