An NH35 dial is very important in the Seiko Modding world, as most of our custom Seiko mods are built using the popular NH35. Other than the movement you are using, design is also crucial, especially since you will be staring at your dial all day. The dial needs to be visually appealing, color specific, and convey emotion. That’s why you can’t just find one perfect NH35 dial, but you will need a variety. Every SKX mod is different and requires a different unique NH35 dial. Here at Watch-Modz we understand that, so we offer as much variety in our dials as we can.

From the Seigaiha Limited Edition NH35 dial, to one of our art inspired dials the possibilities are endless. You have plenty of color variety to choose from for your Seiko as well. Fortunately, we also carry a variety of solid colors as well, including pink, black, and yellow.

Every month we like to introduce new NH35 Dial designs to the site to keep it interesting, So be sure to check back in frequently!

All of our NH35 Dial feet fit gray and black movement spacers for 7S26, NH35, NH36, NH37, NH38, NH39, NH70, NH71, NH72, and any other Seiko Movement based on the 7S and NH family of movements.

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