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SKX007 Chapter Ring: Gray



Grey Finish with White Markers


Stainless Steel


Compatible with SKX007, SKX009, SKX011, SKX171, SKX173 and SKX175

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A Gray Chapter Ring can really add the perfect touch to any mod. Gray is just so versatile and can be used in so many different designs. Especially this lighter gray with a classy matte finish. This would be perfect for a monochrome type of mod!  When it comes to chapter rings everybody has their own preferences. For example, some like to have the minute markers, and some do not. Also the finish, some like polished or gloss, while others love brushed or sandblasted versions. This Gray Chapter Ring is for all of the matte lovers out there that need a minute track. A minute track can give a better readability of the exact time, and to track seconds more precisely.

Common Questions

Some may ask, ” When should I use a minute track on a chapter ring, and when shouldn’t I?” or “Will minute markers on my chapter ring make my dial look to busy?” Honestly this really boils down to personal taste. However, the general rule of thumb is; If you are building with a dial that has a minute track printed on it, than go with a chapter ring without markers. Also is true for the opposite, a dial without minute markers is typically easier to read with a chapter ring with markers. Either way you’ll love the beautiful colors and finishing of all of our chapter rings on site.

Is gray or silver your color, but you do not like the white minute markers? Then try one of our silver Chapter Rings! They come in several different finishes with or without minute markers!

This product is compatible with watch models SKX007 and SRPD.

All of our chapter rings with minute markers come with alignment pin at 12:00

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