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BGW9 Lumed Day & Date Wheel for 3:45 Crown


  • English/Kanji Day Option
  • Direct Replacement
  • BGW9 Lumed
  • Intended For NH36
  • Suitable For 3:45 Crown Position

Installation Must Be Preformed By A Professional

Out of stock

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BGW9 lumed day & date wheels are finally here! For those of us that don’ t like using C3 lume in our builds, now you don’t have to! Surely This BGW9 lume on these wheels will be sure to match and BGW9 lumed dial or hands perfectly. With the 3’45 crown position it will fit in your Seiko SKX007 just like OEM.

Also, don’t forget to pick up an NH36 movement while you are here for your BGW9 lumed day & date wheels!

You can buy one HERE.

These high quality day & date wheels go threw rigorous quality control before shipping out to your door step. No need to worry about an inferior product with us.

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