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The Seamaster and the Story Behind It

    It is difficult to top the Omega Seamaster if you’re searching for a fantastic diving watch. After all, a well-known and reputable brand in the luxury watch industry is Omega. It is one of the top watch brands currently making watches and has a long history producing the Seamaster.


    It goes without saying that an Omega Seamaster will be expensive. What else would one anticipate for luxury?


    Here at Watch-Modz we have a passion for timepieces, which is why we supply some of the best Seiko mod parts inspired by the Seamaster available. Watch-Modz has you covered whether you want a Seamaster style another well-known design.


    Let’s have a quick glance at Omega and the history of the Omega Seamaster!

The Start of Omega

    Louis Brandt created the first proto-Omega watches in 1848 in a modest watch factory in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. The brand entered the global market under a new name after a number of accomplishments helped the business secure its position in the watchmaking sector.


    These accomplishments included the introduction of the Labrador, the company’s first mass-produced caliber movement, and the 19-line Omega Caliber. From its previous name, Louis Brandt & Fil, the watch company changed its name to Omega Watch Co. 

Omega Seamaster

    The Seamaster, which was unveiled in 1948 to mark the company’s 100th anniversary, is a cornerstone of Omega’s enduring lineup. The watch was originally a simple dress watch that also occurred to be dust and moisture resistant. It adopted the toughness of timepieces made by Omega for service during World War II, while still having a stylish look.


    Men were the intended audience for the first Seamaster. It was made to withstand the demands of daily living. The Seamaster watch became the official timepiece of the Bond film franchise when it was worn by Pierce Brosnan in the critically acclaimed James Bond movie GoldenEye in 1995. One of the most iconic timepieces in history, the Seamaster is still linked to 007 and the exploits of the most well-known spy in the world. The Seamaster’s development is evidence of the human spirit’s unceasing ascent to go higher, quicker, and in this case, deeper.

Seamaster 1948

    2018 saw the release of Seamaster 1948 Heritage as an anniversary piece to mark the beginning of Omega’s first official line, the Seamaster. It is regarded as a lost beauty.


    Around 100,000 timepieces from Omega were sent to the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) during World War 2 as proof of their high level of dependability and water resistance. With sapphire crystal on the front and back, the stainless steel Seamaster 1948 case is 38.4mm in width and 12.3mm in thickness. While the sides are primarily satin, the bezel and tops of the lugs are polished.


    The 70th-anniversary commemorative design, which features a Chris Craft boat and a Gloster Meteor airplane, is laser engraved in the crystal when you turn the watch over and look at the case back. The Royal Air Force’s first jet aircraft is seen in the images, and the two vehicles symbolize the personnel who wore this Omega Seamaster while serving in the air and on the water.


    The Seamaster 1948 boasts a lot of elegant, subtle accents while not being a dramatic or spectacular watch. Regrettably, another line, the Omega Seamaster 300M, may eclipse the elegance of this momentous milestone.

Seamaster Planet Ocean

    Another series that has been a huge success for Omega is the Seamaster Planet Ocean. Not only is it undeniably luxurious, but the Seamaster Planet Ocean’s sizes, state-of-the-art materials, and versatile styling have also lifted it into the category of a modern icon. It is considered a luxury watch that matches sporty and everyday wear.


    Built on the Seamaster legacy that stretches back to 1948, the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M has become an instant icon and is recognized as one of the best dive watches on the planet. The collection has been upgraded throughout three generations and has also seen many limited editions.


    The selection available from the Seamaster Planet Ocean collection is broad. Apart from time and date, chronograph, and GMT variants, there are several case sizes and material choices, 600 meters of water resistance, and a helium escape valve. By having ceramic and liquid metal bezels, the watch’s appearance also saw various modifications.


    Master Co-Axial movements, which are the line’s most recent improvement, increase the watches’ magnetic resistance to greater than 15,000 gauss. METAS’s Master Chronometer accreditation was awarded to the watch as a result of this modification. This indicates that a watch is extremely accurate and excels in a number of areas.

Seamaster 300M

    A Master Chronometer-certified movement, the Omega Master Chronometer Calibre 8800, is used in the Seamaster 300M, a vintage re-edition of the famous 1957 watch.


    Particularly among enthusiasts, the Seamaster Diver 300M range has quietly grown in popularity. The watch fits into the category of “just right” size and is a 42mm stainless steel diving watch. The carved wave design that has served as the Seamaster’s identifying characteristic since 1994 can be seen on its beautiful white polished ceramic dial. Arabic numerals at ten-minute intervals are placed on the bezel. A helium release valve is also located at 10 o’clock.


    The Seamaster Diver 300M fully embodies its moniker as a one-stop shop for all things nautical and elegant.


    The ability of Omega to create some of the greatest timepieces in the world has been proven. Check out our extensive range of Seamaster conversion parts for Seiko modding if you want to build your own version.


    You may customize your timepiece using Seiko aftermarket parts and create more imaginative and enjoyable versions of the Seamaster at home. One of the finest deals available is a Seiko Mod, and we want to work with you to shape the watch industry’s future of customization.

Modding Your Own Seamaster

    For your Seamaster inspired build, you may choose from a large selection of Seiko mod parts and designs. You can modify your preferred Watch-Modz Seamaster case or SKX case anyway you wish.


    Our commitment to high-quality Seiko Mod parts is evident across our whole collection, which demonstrates how seriously we take Seiko Modding. Without spending thousands of dollars on the original watch, you may build innovative designs that honor the Seamaster using a Seiko Conversion Case.

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