Seiko 5 Sport mod parts compatibility

Seiko 5 Sport SRPD Part Compatibility

  Do you want to know what SKX007 mod parts will also work as SRPD parts? Well, read on to find out!


  A variety of new and different case dimensions were recently released by Seiko called the SRPD. This entails that the 5KX versions are only applicable and compatible with moveable bezels. This discussion about compatibility exempts 5KX models with pilot bezels.


  The SRPD and SRPE models, which Seiko officially confirmed and debuted in the fourth quarter of 2019, will end up replacing the SKX series, including SKX007, SKX009 and SKX011. They were introduced as Seiko 5 Sports lineups, also abbreviated “5KX” in the watch world.


  Generally, the primary distinction between the SRPD/SRPE series and the SKX007 would be very minor to the eye. The distinctions are, in brief, as follows:

SRPD vs. SKX007 Compatibility table

Do SKX007 Mod Parts Even Fit The SRPD?

  Obviously, this surprised the whole watch industry, especially Seiko mod aficionados who have been very worried about the SKX series’ discontinuation this whole time yet thrilled about the new major releases.


  Given that the market’s currently available mod components were initially created for the SKX007, a worrying query emerged among enthusiasts,


  “Are SKX007 mod parts compatible with the SRPD parts on these new models?”


  Well, the answer is, yes and no. While most parts will fit, there are a few key components that will not fit.


  Below is a brief table listing the parts that are compatible or interchangeable between both the SRPD/SRPE series and the SKX007 model:


Seiko 5 sports mod parts compatibility table


  The crown, spring bars, caseback gasket, and crystal gasket are the four pieces that cannot be used together. It makes sense that the SKX007, which has a screw-down crown, won’t fit SRPD/SRPE push/pull crowns. The SRPD series has somewhat smaller ends for spring bars. Therefore, SRPD/SRPE cases would not handle SKX007 fat spring bars. The SRPD/SRPE spring bars do fit within the SKX007 casing, though, due to their smaller ends. While the crystal does fit from an SKX007 the gasket is a different thickness. 


Seiko SRPD mod


  Moreover, the remaining, most commonly modified components, including the bezel, bezel insert, chapter ring, crystal, dial, and hands, precisely match the measurements of the SKX007 and SRPD/SRPE series, making them totally convertible. In simple terms, these compatible components created for the SKX007 will fit the SRPD/SRPE series perfectly.


  You will be in an excellent position to know that whichever model you choose from the SRPD/SRPE series as a Seiko mod basis, one will indeed be capable of changing just about all the parts if you keep all these crucial Seiko modding details in mind.

What Did We Learn?

  Modding the SRPD will not be that much different than modding a SKX007. The key differences being gaskets and crowns. Fortunately, the SRPD comes with a 4r36 movement, so you won’t need to change the stem or crown anyways to fit in your new mod. 

  You can also transfer the guts of the SRPD into an aftermarket SKX007 compatible case to fit all mod parts! So, don’t be scared to mod your first SRPD and save a little money instead of modding a discontinued SKX007.

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