Don't Mod an SKX007

The Reasons Not to Mod an SKX007

    The Seiko SKX007, which was first introduced in 1996, has a cult following and is one of the most well-known dive watches in history. It has a top-notch workhouse movement (7s26) and is affordable and sturdy. The Seiko SKX007 is one of the most recognizable budget divers ever produced, whilst the Rolex Submariner is the standard contemporary dive watch in the luxury watch market.


    Similar to a Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster, the watch has a distinctive appearance. However, Seiko also included its own distinctive features. These features such as the gripping bezel and the crown at 3.8. An SKX007 is the epitome of practical simplicity, with no unnecessary features in any part of the watch.


    When it came to automatic watches, the Seiko SKX line was so well-known that practically everyone recognized it to be a fantastic value. Indeed, an SKX007 was a great deal, but times have changed.


    The whole SKX line has been discontinued today, and its prices are going up. It is becoming more difficult to defend modding as a result. Now let us examine the reasons more SKX007 fans are coming to the conclusion that altering an original SKX isn’t the best course of action.


The SKX Line is Discontinued

    An era in Seiko’s history comes to an end in 2019 with the discontinuation of the SKX range. Even though the SKX007 had been around for 23 years and had a large following, the Japanese watchmaker felt it was time for an improvement. All the fans wanted were some minor updates to the watch’s design to make it look more contemporary. The SRPD, sometimes known as the 5KX, was instead produced using the SKX production lines that had previously been used.


    Should you be able to find one that hasn’t been altered into a mod, you should buy it immediately. The SKX007 has become somewhat of a collector’s item because Seiko no longer produces this series. Prices have increased progressively as the available supply slowly decreases. Supply and demand are simply at work here. 


    Not only are they more costly, but many imitations are also gaining ground. Even if you trust the vendor and the device appears very convincing, it might be challenging to verify the Seiko quality of an SKX007 given the prevalence of fakes.


    Despite the fact that Seiko has released numerous quality watches after the SKX007, many newcomers to the market continue to fall in love with the classic watch. Hold onto it and leave it as is if you do manage to score an SKX007 with  all Factory parts.

Outdated Parts

    A lot has to be written about the Seiko 7S26’s quality and the reasons it has been a popular movement in older Seiko models. Assuming these benefits, the SKX007 has remained mostly unaltered for many years and employs antiquated watchmaking techniques.


    There isn’t much that is special about the 7S26 movement. Its variable quality is its biggest shortcoming. According to its specs, it will run at a rate of +/-25 seconds every day, meaning that at the end of the day, it may be ahead of schedule or behind schedule by 25 seconds.


    A stock SKX007 also won’t allow you to hack or handwind it. The 7S26 is hardly a state-of-the-art movement, even by budgetary standards, as we previously stated.


    Another drawback for many is the Seiko SKX007 bracelet. The rubber strap is particularly for divers and may feel unpleasant for individuals merely wearing it on a daily basis, while the steel jubilee variant feels delicate. Many would go so far as to characterize it as fragile or cheap feeling. Both of these parts are subpar if compared to what is now available in the market despite the fact that there are few instances of actual problems with them. 


    A unique, Seiko-exclusive mineral crystal is used as the hardlex crystal of an SKX007. Customers have, however, noted that several timepieces with prices comparable to those of the SKX007 are beginning to have sapphire crystals, which are clearer and more scratch-resistant.


    Ultimately, despite the SKX’s long history of being a superb deal, the concept of customizing an original SKX007 is becoming less and less feasible.

Is Modding Your Seiko SKX007 Worth It?

    A Seiko SKX007 may be a watch you take into consideration while searching for a watch to mod. It is a vintage classic; thus, its price will probably go up a little bit from here.


    Take a step back and consider your true desires if you want to purchase the watch with the intention of customizing it. The market is flooded with SKX007 mod parts. However, changing a Seiko SKX007 seems like a certain method to lower the value of a collectible, iconic watch.


    Watch modding enables you to modify original watch parts with new enhancements. In addition to letting you add your individuality and create the watch of your dreams, it’s also fun! Now, it is a decent alternative to just utilize aftermarket components for a complete build given the prices that SKX007 are at.


    It may be quite enjoyable and satisfying to modify a Seiko SKX007, but before you decide to open up an SKX and start replacing components, have a look at our parts list.


    From the case to the crystal and movement, every part to build a whole watch is available on our shop. Mods just provide a lot more versatility!


    It can be a smart idea to preserve an SKX007 in its current form if you have a brand-new one that is in pristine shape. Don’t worry; if you want an entirely personalized SKX style watch, we have everything you want at Watch-Modz.


     The popularity of modding your SKX007 is growing exponentially recently. We enjoy seeing what our customers accomplish with the premium watch mod parts we provide. For a glimpse of what our clients are coming up with, simply visit our Instagram, Facebook page or even our free community!


    SKX007 parts are easy to find, however SKXs are becoming more and more difficult to locate. Stop by our website and check over all the fantastic aftermarket parts we have to offer.


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