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Seiko SII NH36 Automatic Movement

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  • Nh36 Day & Date complication
  • Handwind capability
  • Hacking capability
  • 21,600vph 24 jewel
  • Automatic
  • Grey Movement spacer

* Must Use With NH36 case back, unless you swap the grey spacer for the black 7s26 spacer. All work should be preformed by a professional.

* Compatible with all models that accept 7s26, nh35, nh36, 4r35, 4r36, and all variants of the NH movement family.

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1 review for Seiko SII NH36 Automatic Movement



Simple answer? The branding on the oscillating weight (Rotor as some call it). Other than that, they are virtually identical.

“SII” stands for “Seiko Instruments Inc” and is in all technical purposes “Seiko” (Subsidary of Seiko Holdings Corporation).

Seiko SII NH36 movement is the unbranded version of the Seiko 4R36 movement. Seikos NH36 Movement is known for being a work horse, and is the perfect movement to use in a build that will be passed down generation after generation. Most of Seiko’s older watches came with the very popular 7S26, which is the same base movement as the NH36 minus the hand winding, Hacking, and 3 jewel difference. The Day & Date wheels, and the movement spacers on the 7S26[black] and 4R36 (NH36) [gray] are fully interchangeable so don’t worry! This makes upgrading your old worn out 7S26 to a new NH36 very simple.

Hacking, handwinding, and the pure reliability of the NH36 will make this the perfect movement for your next modded Seiko, or even to build a watch from scratch! The SII NH36 movement will fit all the cases being sold on Watch-Modz. Our NH36 Movements pair well with our C3 Lumed Day & Date Wheels which also fit 7S26!