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  • OEM Dial
  • NH36 compatible
  • Seiko Black LumiBrite indicies
  • Red Dial Accents
  • 2 dial Feet for 3:45 crown position
  • 28.5mm Diameter

This OEM dial has 2 dial feet ONLY for 3:45 crown position. Our OEM dials do not come in original packaging, but instead our in-house packaging.

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OEM Dials, including the SRPF20 are now available at Watch-Modz! The inquiries regarding OEM Seiko parts recently have been completely overwhelming. In response to those messages we have decided to release an OEM collection of dials in limited quantities. You ask, and We answer!

This dial is from the Seiko 5 Sports Street Fighter Collection, Ken Limited Edition. This dial pulls inspiration from the classic video game we all know and love! This particular “Ken” Edition dial pulls its style from of the aggressive fighting everyone knows Ken to have. If you love video games, and did when you were young as well, then this dial is for you! Nothing can bring you back to your childhood quite like a nostalgic video game, unless you are wearing it on your wrist! Take both of your loves around with you everywhere, by combining one of the most famous games in the world with one of the most famous brands in the world.

Now you can wear a piece of watch history on your wrist! Add the SRPF20 “Ken” dial to your Seiko Mod and take it to the next level!

Don’t hesitate and get yours today before this beautiful dial is sold out!

Only Limited quantities remain!

This Limited Edition dial is OEM so it only comes with 2 dial feet meant for the 3:45 crown position.

Find a great case for this dial HERE!