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NH35 Hands: Cathedral Style


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  • Cathedral Inspired Design
  • Polished Silver Finish
  • C3 Super-LumiNova® Lume
  • Red Second Hand


Compatible with the following movements:

7s26, 7s36, 7s25, 7s35, 6r15, 4r15, 4r35, 4r36, 6309, 7002, 7009, NH35, NH35A, NH36, NH36A, NH37, NH38, NH39, NH70

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Cathedral Style Hands for NH35 and other NH family movements are now available on Watch-Modz! Our unique take on the classic Cathedral Style will be sure to compliment any vintage inspired Seiko Mod. Readability at night is not going to be a problem! With C3 Super-LumiNova being used to lume these beautiful hands. like our other styles. And of course quality is our top priority, with ever set going through rigorous quality assurance testing before shipping out. The superior polished finish will be sure to impress even the most experienced of watch modders!

When you buy our cathedral style hands you will add a flair to your Seiko Mod without breaking the bank!

Be sure to check out all of the other unique and familiar hand styles on our site by clicking HERE.

Watch-Modz commitment is to delivering quality watch parts at convenient speeds, to bring back the joy to our passion of building watches. We bring variety to your doorstep with lighting fast shipping speeds. We believe we are building dreams piece by piece.

NH35 Hands

NH35 Hands can be arguably the most important part of a build. Obviously without them you can’t tell the tine, right? However, you need to pick the right style that flows with your dial, you can’t just pick any old hand set.

With our growing collection of hand sets for Seiko movements, the possibilities are only growing. With some of the brightest lume on the market, you will not need to worry about being able to see our hands in a night setting.

Swiss Lume

The majority of our hands include C3 Swiss Super-LumiNova, which although have a greenish tint, are the brightest glow you can get! No expense was spared in bringing high quality finishing on some of the most popular style hand sets on the market. From MM300 style to the very popular 6105 style, your most sought after styles are here.

If you are curious as to whether you can use our hand sets on your 7S26 movement also, then you are in luck! The answer is YES! All of our Seiko inspired hand sets will fit 7S26 movements exactly the same as Nh3x movements. So no need to upgrade your movement to upgrade your style!


Learn more about the Seiko SKX007 that these hands match with