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Custom SKX007 Style Watch-Modz Mod


          Why does everyone modify the Seiko SKX007? Why do we always hear “Seiko Mods” & “
Seiko Modding”? That’s what a lot of beginners in the watch modding world want to know. There is no one specific reason why the Seiko SKX007 is the most common model to mod, but rather a combination of reasons. Perhaps its the perfect 42mm case size everyone has grown to love, or perhaps the iconic 3:45 crown position Seiko has been keen on using, or even just the pure beauty of the watch. Whatever the reason may be, one things for sure; There are more aftermarket parts for the Seiko SKX007 than any other model of watch. 

           Modifying the Seiko SKX007 has not been more popular than it is today. In the last 12 months the modding community has flourished. Every modder wants to be unique, after all we are all building to our own taste, right? With that comes the need for a variety of Seiko mod parts. A Strong need. Here at Watch-Modz we strive to bring you that variety you crave by releasing NEW Seiko Mods Parts every month, so be sure to check back in often!

You can read more about the influential Seiko SKX007 by clicking Here  


One of the most popular Seiko movements available right now to the watch modding community is the ( SII) Seiko Instruments Inc. Caliber NH35 Movement. The NH35 Movement and NH36 Movement are very similar and both are based on the same Seiko NHxx family of automatic movements. The only difference is that the NH36 has a complication to display the day and the date, and the NH35 Movement only has a date. 

The SII NH35 movement is the unbranded version of a Seiko 4R35, where the only real difference is a Seiko logo on the oscillating weight. The 4R35 is the official Seiko movement with branding, while the NH35 is produced by Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) or Time Module Inc. (TMI). The NH35 movements are more commonly available for purchase, and are much more affordable than the 4R35, making them the preferred movement in the Seiko Mods communities.   

Speaking of Seiko mods community, Watch-Modz offers a free Facebook Group that is perfect for Seiko mod beginners! Our community includes, Watch Modding tutorial videos, links to all the tools to get you started in mods, as well as a list of all Seiko Mod Parts suppliers worldwide! Check it out and give a join by clicking HERE.


Watch-Modz was founded on behalf of Seiko modders, by a Seiko modder. Being watch modders here, we love to find new and interesting watch parts designs. When all of the available Seiko mod parts on the market had been used, we didn’t know where else to look. We started creating our own Seiko Mod parts designs based right here in the USA! However, that just wasn’t enough for us, so we decided to offer our Seiko Mods Parts on the open market. We also like to keep an ear towards the watch modding community, so if there is ever any design of a  part that you can not find and are interested in, just shoot us an email at: [email protected] and we will be sure to take your mod part request into consideration for production! 

Slow shipping speed, lack of quality assurance, inflated prices, those are all a thing of the past. Here at Watch-Modz we have a commitment to deliver quality Seiko Mod Parts at convenient speeds, to bring back the joy of building watches.

There is nothing worse than having limited mod options and having to wait a month for your Seiko parts. Watch-Modz strives to fix that problem by bringing variety to your doorstep with lighting fast shipping! As always, all of our USA customers can enjoy FREE Shipping on all orders with no minimum*.


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